Quality First

In July 2022, "IPASON Laboratory" passed the qualification evaluation and conformity assessment of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

successfully obtained the CNAS qualification certificate (Certificate No. CNASL16615).

It is one of the national accredited laboratories.

Provide a variety of capabilities such as quality and safety testing and assurance services for products

•Safety production specification •Electromagnetic compatibility

•Environmental adaptability •Lifetime durability reliability •Software evaluation

Environmentally friendly

Society Responsibility

Quality First

As a responsible and forward-thinking industry leader, IPASON Technology is not only striving for progress but also constantly contemplating how to resonate with the industry and lead the quality of computer manufacturing to a new level.

To deepen quality management and convey IPASON's unwavering commitment to excellence to the industry and consumers, IPASON Technology has set December 28th of each year as "IPASON Quality Day."

IPASON Technology adopts a "zero tolerance" policy towards incoming materials that fail to meet its sales standards. We strictly select materials from source and focus on creating "boutique stores" to establish a "new standard" for consumer services in the industry, which guarantees the purchasing for computer by our customers is assured and worry-free.

Over the years, IPASON Technology has developed a unique quality and safety management system in the industry. We have continuously introduced internationally leading quality management concepts, achieving precise product life cycle management (PLM) and product traceability. All products of IPASON undergo "100% aging testing" and 78 quality inspections. We have obtained product testing certifications under multiple categories, including CCC, energy efficiency, environmental labeling, MTBF, and front runner. Currently, IPASON Laboratory has been accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and is recognized as a national accredited laboratory. The laboratory is responsible for tasks such as establishing safety production criteria, electromagnetic compatibility testing, environmental adaptability testing, and durability and reliability testing for all IPASON products.

Today, "quality" has become ingrained in every aspect of IPASON's development. Driven by the "Building a Powerful Country with Quality" strategy, manufacturing companies represented by IPASON Technology uphold the spirit of "Chinese craftsmanship" to create "world-class quality." We showcase our strength and shine on a broader international stage, using high-quality products to enhance the life quality of consumers worldwide. IPASON strives to forge excellence, aiming for the mission of “One masterpiece brings one billion people together”!

Environmentally friendly

We have reached a significant milestone in environmental protection—a brand new industrial park. This industrial park is not only a state-of-the-art high-tech factory but also a home dedicated to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Here, environmental protection has become the soul and belief, creating a green and clean future for all.

The new industrial park is driven by innovation, adopting the most advanced technologies and facilities to ensure that all production lines achieve low carbon emissions and zero pollution standards. Through efficient energy utilization, clean production techniques, and principles of recycling, it successfully reduces its environmental footprint while improving production efficiency, serving as a model for a low-carbon economy. Its exceptional environmental performance has been recognized by relevant authorities, and the industrial park has become a global benchmark for environmental benchmark.

Moreover, the new industrial park has opened its doors to welcome visitors from around the world. It is no longer a closed industrial zone but an open and transparent community that encourages public participation and interaction. People can personally visit and learn about the production processes and environmental protection measures, as well as how technology is combined with eco-friendly manufacturing. This open and transparent approach further enhances public recognition and support for sustainable development.

The industrial park not only provides a high-tech workplace but also focuses on people's well-being. Within the park, spacious and beautiful green spaces and recreational areas offer places to relax and unwind. Employees and residents can work and live in a fresh environment, enjoying the rejuvenating and joyful benefits of nature. Here, production and living complement each other, creating a harmonious community for sustainable development.

The new industrial park showcases the successful integration of environmental protection and industrial development. It guides us towards a green path to the future, instilling the belief that environmental conservation and economic sustainability are not opposing goals but mutually reinforcing objectives. On this progressive journey, we will continue to join hands and contribute our efforts to protect our Earthly home.

Society Responsibility

IPASON 01 Charity Program

IPASON Technology actively engages in charity work, spreading positive energy throughout the country. In 2018, we initiated a long-term charity campaign called the "01 Charity Program."

In 2019, Mr. Chen Xiaojun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of IPASON Computers, personally and on behalf of the company, donated a total of 20 million yuan (around 2.86 million USD), of which 10 million yuan (around 1.43 million USD) donated individually to the Yichang Charity Federation.

As a socially responsible local enterprise in Wuhan, IPASON Technology donated 500,000 yuan (71K USD)to the Huangpi District Charity Association during the epidemic and produced temperature measuring computers for frontline medical institutions, airports, train stations, hospitals, and large hotels.

In July 2021, following a major disaster in Henan, our company expressed concern for the affected people and quickly organized the distribution of essential relief supplies. They dispatched critical disaster relief supplies worth approximately 1 million yuan (14.2K USD), including generators, drainage pumps, and life jackets, to contribute to the rescue efforts. They also formed a volunteer team within the company and rushed from Wuhan to Henan overnight for emergency rescue and relief operations.

In addition to that, every transaction made by IPASON Ascend will contribute to a fund dedicated to helping Alzheimer's disease patients, bringing new vitality and hope to their families and strength for them to conquer this illness! A total of 6,369,885 donations have been made so far!

Volunteers rush to help Henan

Work on uploading relief supplies continued round the clock
for Henan Flood

Working day and night to prepare relief supplies

Computer for infrared temperature measurement donated by IPASON

In addition to that, every transaction made by IPASON will contribute to a fund dedicated to helping Alzheimer's patients, bringing new vitality and hope to their families and strength for them to conquer this illness! A total of 6,369,885 donations have been made so far!