IPASON Warranty Regulations

Desktop PC
Desktop PC Component types Component names Warranty period
Main components Processor / Motherboard / Memory / RAM/Hard Drive /
Graphics Card / Power Supply / Display Screen
12 months
Other components Sound Card / Network Card/
Optical Drive / Cooling System
12 months
Accessories Computer Case (Front Panel, Indicator Lights, Switches, etc.)
/ Case Fans / Power Cables / Other Connection Cables / Adapters, etc.
12 months
Laptop Component types Component names Warranty period
Main components CPU/ Motherboard/ Memory/ Hard Drive/ Graphics Card/
Laptop Screen/ Power Adapter/ Laptop Keyboard
12 months
Other components Optical Drive/ Speaker/ Cooling Module/ Camera Module/
Fingerprint Recognition Module/ Various
Expansion Cards/ Small Circuit Boards, etc.
12 months
Special components Battery 12 months
Accessories Items such as cables, user manuals, protective cases, packaging,
stands, packing lists, packaging boxes, and card inserts.
Software Pre-installed software N/A
Monitor Component types Component names Warranty period
Main components Display screen unit 12 months
Other components Data cable/Power cable/Buttons 12 months
Accessories Monitor stand/Base/Included accessories
(cables, user manual, packaging, stand, packing list, packaging box, etc.)

Non-Warranty Conditions

  • The warranty under this document does not apply to the following situations:
  • Malfunction or damage caused by misuse, accidents, modifications, inappropriate physical or operating environments, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or storage.
  • Malfunction or damage caused by third-party products, services, or actions.
  • Malfunction or damage caused by the use of non-designated software.
  • Discoloration, wear, and tear, or normal product consumption that occurs during the use of the product.
  • The product's ability to operate continuously or without errors.
  • Data loss or damage.
  • Any assistance regarding consultation, advice, tips, product settings, and installation.
  • If the original identification labels of the product or its components are altered or removed, the warranty under this document will become void. The completeness and external condition of the product are not covered by the warranty. You should inspect the product upon receipt and raise any objections to any discrepancies immediately.

Technical Support for Repairs

During the market service process with overseas partners, IPASON is required to provide full technical support throughout and promptly communicate any changes in information.

One training session will be provided for new models. The specific training time, location, and method will be determined through mutual consultation between IPASON and the overseas partners. IPASON will provide free training materials and trainers for the session.

Technical support channel: IPASON should provide a dedicated technical support channel for relevant products to assist overseas partners in promptly addressing any issues encountered during service. Any changes to the support channel should be communicated to the overseas partners in advance.