Group purchase preferential policy

  • Bulk purchase discounts

    When a group makes large-scale purchases of goods or services, suppliers often offer discounts or preferential prices. This is because bulk purchasing can lower the supplier's costs, and they may pass on some of the savings through reduced prices.

  • Long-term cooperation benefits

    If a group establishes a long-term stable partnership with a supplier, the supplier may provide special benefits. This could include discounts, extended payment terms, exclusive customized products or services, and more.

  • Priority supply rights

    By building close relationships with suppliers, a group may be granted priority supply rights. This means that in situations where supplies are limited or there is high demand, the group will be given priority in terms of supply.

  • Rebate or incentive programs

    Some suppliers may offer rebate or incentive programs for group buyers. For example, based on the group's purchasing volume or spending threshold, the supplier may provide cashback, loyalty points, or other forms of rewards.

  • Supply chain optimization

    By collaborating closely with suppliers, a group can optimize the supply chain, reducing costs related to inventory, transportation, and logistics. Suppliers may be willing to offer better prices or assist the group in implementing supply chain improvement plans.

  • Contract negotiation power

    During procurement contract negotiations, a group can strive for negotiation power to obtain more favorable prices and terms. This could involve price reductions, value-added services, or other flexible contract conditions.

Please note that specific incentives may vary depending on the size of the group, the volume of purchases, supplier relationships and market conditions.
The best approach is to negotiate directly with suppliers and to tailor concessions to the actual situation.

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