IPASON “UFO” Desktop German Red Dot Award

2017-02-24 02:49  PCPOP

In 1955, the design Zentrum Nordrhein West falen, Europe's most prestigious design association, established the Red Dot Award in Essen, Germany. The award, based on the concept of "design for harmony of environment and human", aims to transform the winning design concepts into commodities, bridging the gap between winning ideas and commercialization.


Thanks to combination of beauty and actual commercial production design, the Red Dot Award has gradually grown from a domestic award in Germany to an international prestigious Industrial Design Award in the 62 years since its inception. It is also among top three World Design Awards together with the IF Award in Germany and the IDEA Award in the United States.




In 2017, the Red Dot Award included a figure from Wuhan, China. The UFO Era water cooling desktop was designed by IPASON R&D department.



While conducting the most expensive top-level design by IPASON R&D center so far, the UFO Era the water-cooled mainframe is the result of work by IPASON 3 design engineers, 6 test engineers, after 545 days and nights devoted to research and development and demonstration of the model.



In order to achieve the "mechanical bionics, exact flexiblity" design concept, IPASON engineers have gone through hundreds of model modifications. In order to ensure the stability of the main engine in practical use, thousands of times of water injection reset, tens of thousands of times of loading and unloading and roasting machine were carried out in the entire development and testing process. Finally, the perfect solution to the water-cooled main engine water tank and other parts of the chassis "physical isolation" and shape of the "fusion coexistence", the achievement of ingenious science fiction appearance.



When the IPASON prepares to send the main engine to Germany for review, there is also a story: because of the speciality of the items, the motherboard contains fastener batteries, water-cooled liquids in the canalage, which are among the items banned by the International Delivery Company. Visa issues, language requirements, technical requirements, working schedule and other factors, make overall quality requirements of this task on the staff extremely high.


In order to transport the products to the exhibition site smoothly, the final research is about to take the chassis to the German Red Dot Award Assessment Center and the way of assemble. For the staff, they are from many departments, including product research and development engineers, technical engineers, brand building directors, and so on, the final selection of the staff is, marketing department director, Julee who has nearly six years of European studies, life experience.



As soon as the staff and initial process were settled, Julee quickly arranged the work at hand and went to the product research institute to learn theoretical knowledge and installation, operation skills. Until the day before the trip, the technical engineer will discuss the possible small details of the transportation and installation process. Eventually, Julee, who was not an engineer, successfully completed the installation, testing and coordination of the exhibition platform - "UFO" computer in the exhibition site successfully lighten the moment, displayed in front of foreign experts, IPASON is not only about the design and technology of the extremely high accomplishments, but also IPASON is about a strong sense of enterprise, sense of responsibility, and the attitude of enterprising and active learning.

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