Independent research and development assistance, IPASON join the top competition teams.

2018-03-22 13:50  


Tomorrow, the much-anticipated PGL Spring Invitational will

officially open, which means the formation of the OMG Club PUBG Team in September 2017 will face the international competition test. At this tense moment, we learned from reliable sources that the young division of the OMG's team has been given a reliable boost: cooperation from the well-known domestic computer brand IPASON and the high-performance computer products it offers.



It is reported that the relevant negotiations and cooperation between the two sides have been for some time, but only recently revealed. As a specific content of this cooperation, IPASON will provide its H8 Power high-performance computer for the OMG Club's PUBG Division, and become its only official computer cooperation brand, and the OMG Club PUBG Division will provide an image endorsement for the full range of products on sale.


It's worth noting that the game kit offered to the PUBG Division of the OMG Club was a computer product on sale: the IPASON H8Power, with its radiator and chassis independently developed by the IPASON's research institute, and a game console which is selling well at the moment.



Obviously, this is a courageous test for IPASON products. Compared with the average player and consumer, the daily training of professional video game contestants is equivalent to a high-intensity, long-term practical inspection of the computer. This is not only a test of pure system stability, but also helps to identify and improve potential game-related problems, which can help scale up in future products for targeted test improvements.


As we learn from OMG players, they are quite satisfied with the computer provided by the IPASON. Especially, the desktop successfully meets the performance requirements of the popular game PUBG in terms of the rationality of the hardware configuration. The appearance and stability of the H8 Power chassis designed by the IPASON has also been well received by everyone.



However, the fact is that the outstanding E-sports desktop is far more from the "H8 Power" model, either the high-end dual-card 18-core custom water-cooled desktop "Night Light" on sale, or just recently unveiled curved-surface game all-in-one computer Maven C Pro in the market are from the Product Research Institute of IPASON. In just four years, relying on continuous self-development and customization, the self-research elements of IPASON products have been rising to nearly 80% of total. It is now possible to win the favor of a well-known club, and it can be said that it has paid great rewards for its hard work over the years.


The cooperation with the OMG club's PUBG team is a major positive for both sides. We hope the OMG Club PUBG Team will make history in the upcoming PGL Spring International Invitational, bring joy and honor to all friends who care about OMG, care about China Electric Competition and love PUBG. It is also hoped that IPASON will take this opportunity to upgrade its product quality and introduce more professional and high-tech top-level self-research equipment for the benefit of all consumers in the future.

----THE END----