IPASON charity activity: Bringing the most beautiful musical notes to the children of Zhang Jiajie

2018-07-27 15:06  


On July 6th, it was very hot in summer, the IPASON staff came to Yangjiawan Primary School in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. They brought  high-performance computers and various national musical instruments to the school. These computers will be used to assemble modern music classrooms that will be used to enrich the classroom activities of the students and help local children get better musical experience. At the donation site, the staff also showed the children how to play the instrument personally and gave the child a lively and interesting music lesson.




About IPASON, many friends who are keen on researching computer desktops must be very familiar with it. During 618 e-commerce event this year, the veteran PC brand also upgraded to a new stage of development, officially entered the big stage of competition with first-line brand PC. However, even if you have heard about the quality of IPASON, but few people know that it has been working hard on the independent research and development desktops and carrying out many large-scale public welfare activities in many places across the country.



According to the official data of IPASON, since November 17, 2016, it has launched the Aid Education Program. For the first stop, they went to Jiangxi Longxi Hope Primary School. Next, Yichang Ren FuHope Primary School and Shuangshan Yi Nationality Hope primary school Ezhou Moshan Primary School. At March in this year, IPASON and Liu Ying Primary School donated a nice library. In each time, IPASON will bring the schoolbags, pencil cases, pencils and other school supplies to the local children, as well as a large number of extracurricular books.



In addition, IPASON joint into Taobao's Public Car Babyprogram. In accordance with the requirements of the Public Welfare Baby. After selling each computer on the Ali platform, the company will provide with a financial contribution to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. For IPASON, these donations are not a temporary charity, but a public welfare culture that is engraved in the enterprise.



This charity activity represented the continuation of the charity and welfare activities that have been IPASON since the rise, also marks the official launch of the 01 Public Welfare Plan. It is reported that the 01 Public Welfare Plan, which is led by IPOSON, will actively cooperate with domestic well-known public welfare platforms, including the China Siyuan Engineering Poverty Alleviation Foundation, to raise funds, provide funds and materials for public welfare undertakings in different forms, and hold large and medium-sized public welfare activities regularly throughout the country to continuously expand the influence of charity and public welfare undertakings.



In the past, when IPASON climbed into the public welfare activities, it emphasized the concept that Public welfare is not a gift, but responsibility and feedback, emphasizing that public welfare is the responsibility and feedback of society. The opening of the "01 Public Welfare Plan" is not only a summary of the accumulation of public welfare activities in the past few years, but also the promotion of IPASON and the public welfare undertakings.



Public welfare activities often reflect the core values of the company and the essence of the corporate culture to the greatest extent. In addition to undertaking the social role responsibilities and obligations of enterprises, the participation of enterprises in social welfare activities is also conducive to the dissemination of the value orientation of enterprises pursuing a good humanistic environment to the public. This is the direction that every socially responsible enterprise should strive for. IPASON will continue to be as committed as ever, and be committed to the development and promotion of public welfare.


----THE END----